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The Last 5: Rating the Last 5 Phillies Drafts

The Phillies have picked at various spots in the draft over the past five years, but have been in the bottom half of the first round. The good news is that they've found some good talent not just in the first round, but in much lower rounds as well. Let's take a look at the last five drafts and find out which were the best.

1. 2006 The Phillies opened their 2006 Draft taking Kyle Drabek. At the time, there were concerns about Drabek's attitude, which is why he fell in the draft order and was available when the Phillies chose their first player with the 18th overall pick. The Phillies quickly went to work not just on Drabek's abilities, but proceeded with a bit of an attitude adjustment and he turned out to be well... Recommended Stories